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telex n : a character printer connected to a telegraph that operates like a typewriter [syn: teletypewriter, teleprinter, teletype machine, telex machine] v : communicate by telex; "We telexed the information to our sister company"

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  1. printed message sent via a telex machine

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Telex may refer to:
  • Telex, a communications network
  • Telex (band), a Belgian pop group
  • Telex (IME), a convention for writing Vietnamese using ASCII characters commonly found on computer keyboard layouts
  • Tele-X, a Nordic communications satellite
  • Telex Communications, an American manufacturer of hearing aids and audio equipment
  • Telex II, a later name for the TWX teletypewriter network
  • Planet Telex, a song by rock band Radiohead
  • Abbreviation Telephone exchange or telephone extension

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  • Telix, terminal emulation software
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TelAutography, Teletype, Teletype network, Teletyping, cable, cablegram, closed-circuit telegraphy, code, day letter, duplex telegraphy, electricity, facsimile telegraph, fast telegram, flash, interrupter, key, multiplex telegraphy, news ticker, night letter, quadruplex telegraphy, radio, radiogram, railroad telegraphy, receiver, send a wire, sender, sign off, sign on, simplex telegraphy, single-current telegraphy, sounder, stock ticker, submarine telegraphy, telegram, telegraph, telegraphics, telegraphy, teleprinter, teletypewriter, teletypewriting, ticker, transmitter, typotelegraph, typotelegraphy, wire, wire service
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